Dark Slivers: Edition Two Commences Today Part One


A thrilling photo I’m sure you’ll agree, well, it is for me anyways. It’s the next delivery of Dark Slivers: Seeing Nirvana in the Shards of Incesticide. How has it been going? Well this is the answer. I have two copies of the first edition left under my desk one of which I owe to my friend and comrade Lisa, the other could go to one of ten people who have expressed interest yet are unresolved or to two friends I haven’t seen these past months. That’s the first 100 gone since December, 14 2013 when I started sending out.

In amidst that 100 there were twenty given away; I owed five to my designer, Maureen Johnson, for her and her sons; I owed to my publisher, Ben Sumner, for his records and enjoyment; I owed a copy to Bruce Pavitt and one to Jack Endino; I had promised copies to the guys at LiveNirvana, the Internet Nirvana Fan Club, Nirvana Italia and the Nirvana Live Guide because of the vast use I’d made of their material during my work (it seemed respectful and I wanted to acknowledge them)…Oh, plus my parents, grandfather and siblings of course.

I was gratified that, when the announcement went out at work in December, so many people with whom I’d cooperated at some point or another agreed they wanted a copy. It did mean something to me that people trusted that they knew me well enough that if I’d done something they would want to support it. The Russian lady who runs the coffee shop area, Tatyana, a truly top-notch and top-quality individual for whom I have massive respect and affection, even insisted which was sweet of her. When I handed over her copy and she read the inscription she replied (in front of a queue of a dozen people) “oh Nick, you are so nice…But your handwriting, it is SO terrible.” I think others who have received an inscribed copy from me can confirm that.

With the second edition ready I have already despatched a copy to Gillian G. Gaar, plus my publisher informed me that we’re required to send copies to the various U.K. copyright libraries which was something I was delighted to do. That means copies will live in Cambridge University Library, the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford, the National Library of Scotland, the National Library of Wales, the Library of Trinity College, Dublin. We’re checking on the British Library too. In the case of those five editions I took the time, call me a sentimentalist (it’s true, I am, there are some very hippy-parts of my personality), to spell out the full surnames of each individual I had included in the Acknowledgements, I like the idea that so long as a physical copy of my book lives in those locations that their names will be bound to mine.



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