Dave Grohl Delivers SXSW Keynote

Dave Grohl, Mudwrestlers, Nirvana, The Complete SXSW Keynote Address VIDEO

Mr. Grohl continues his journey as the man who personifies rock music in 2013; is it me or is he everywhere at the moment? He needs to get back on Foo Fighters full-time and head off touring again before I start getting bored of him! (I’m kidding, I’m kidding, no hating, no hating…)

Anyways, here he is at the South by Southwest Festival delivering this year’s keynote — an engaging speech, a very modest and human one. No great surprises there. The only element that adds a note of disquiet, for me, and this is an inevitability, not something with blame attached, is the way ‘Kurt’ has become ever more of a cipher. By this I mean he’s less of a real human being and more of a metaphor or symbol which represents a certain set of characteristics and features so its possible just to say “they had Kurt” and leave it at that as if he was a tool or appliance. Anyways, it’s bound to happen as the years roll and we get further from the person – it’s the same way hip hop uses Kurt; he’s a frozen set of assocations.

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