Supporting Good People: Gillian G. Gaar

A late night post, those of you following on Twitter and Facebook will have this link separately — a very worthy cause indeed. Gillian G. Gaar has been an immense source of inspiration to the Nirvana community overall and to myself personally. Having already written a crucial guide to the recording sessions of Nirvana in the late Nineties, she went on to write a number of the most significant and revealing texts related to the band specifically:

In Utero by Gillian G. Gaar (2006)
The Rough Guide to Nirvana (2009)
The Treasures of Nirvana (2011)
Entertain Us! The Rise of Nirvana (2012)

As a personal anecdote, when I first started this whole Incesticide business it was in response to a request for proposals from 33 1/3 and naturally the key text I owned and that acted as my first port of call when I wondered if I could do this was Gillian’s volume on In Utero.

Separate to this Gillian was involved in curating the With the Lights Out box-set that came out in 2004; has published a number of really wicked books related to women in music (among other topics) and its really visible the extent to which she interacts with and shares with the Nirvana fan community who, of course, are so reliant on the good will of people willing to add new knowledge, insight and information.

The text below is direct from the link above, I think it’s a worthy cause for an individual who has been of benefit to me and I hope that any Nirvana fan out there would want to support it.
Good night and best wishes.

“Hello; I am raising money for my eye surgery this May. I have a deterioration in my left eye the doctor plans to curtail through surgery. In addition to the costs of surgery, there’s a pre-surgery physical, at least three post-surgical appointments, and medicines to be paid for. Because it’s outpatient surgery, there are no hospital costs.

I’m self-employed and have no insurance. As you know, writing work has its ups and downs, and I’m currently having a hard time making ends meet even without this new expense. You can sometimes put off things (like getting new glasses) hoping your circumstances will change, but this is something that can’t be put off.

So I’m reaching out hoping to get some funding from friends. You probably know what kind of economic quandries writers these days are facing. Any support is gratefully appreciated!

Funds are collected through Paypal, but you don’t have to have a Paypal account to donate. Here is what it says in Youcaring’s FAQ: “After you click “Give” on the campaign, you’ll be taken to a PayPal screen. At the top, you’ll see “Choose a Way To Pay.” Click on “Pay with a credit or debit card.” Uncheck the box that says “Save this information with a PayPal account. It’s easy and free to sign up. Learn more about PayPal.” Then proceed to donate as a Guest.”


2 thoughts on “Supporting Good People: Gillian G. Gaar”

  1. Gillian is the best author I ever came across in terms of Nirvana related stuff (I haven’t received your book yet, Nick ;P). Now seriously, I wish all the best to her.

    1. Totally true and totally righteous fella, agree, agree.

      Darn book hasn’t arrived yet? Shucks! Hope it’s nearly there – if it doesn’t turn up next week drop me a line and I’ll re-send, no worries at all.

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