Committing the Sin of Pride this Morning…

NFC Mention_Feb 2013

I admit it, I was pretty darn pleased the other day when Rasmus Holmen, who runs the Internet Nirvana Fan Club (, wrote saying he’d enjoyed the book and had loaded a review up onto the website — a very kind gentleman.

A further confession; I’m sure that it might be obvious that the work done for takes quite a bit of time and presently there’s some quite substantial data work being done so, alas, I admit I fell behind and the main two pieces I want to share this week, I’ll need to polish tonight… I’m basically trying to ensure that I don’t fire too much material out that isn’t well-baked, of a quality I’m happy to put my name to and that I hope says something worth reading. Heck, I’m quite surprised I’m up to 127 pieces on here and not embarrassed or ashamed of too many of them (OK, egregious spelling and grammar errors on one post last week were a bit of a slip, thanks Marcus for pointing them out so I had a chance to cut and a chance to cure.)

Your patience is welcomed and appreciated, thank you!


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