An Aside: Nirvana! Humour! Fans Online!

A lot of my spare time these past few months has been taken up making use of social media sites to attempt to expand awareness of what I’ve been doing here at and of the book, Dark Slivers: Seeing Nirvana in the Shards of Incesticide. In amidst my prowling of the online world I’ve repeatedly laughed when catching site of the quips and deeper amusements provided by fans across the world. I thought I’d share some favourites…Why? Does there have to be a reason? It’s a weekend. It’s nice to alleviate the grey tone and I fancied giving people a break from my Excel table n’ pie fixation.

On Twitter there’s one stand-out candidate; Dead Kurt Cobain@gunreviews. It looks like whoever was behind this one stopped working on it back in mid-2010 but wow…What an idea. There’s a lot of Tweets on the site, people complaining that it’s inappropriate or just plain unfunny — I’m not so sure. I wrote an entire chapter in the book about the usually sarcastic and scathing nature of Kurt Cobain’s sense of humour and I reckon he would have loved this; heck, this is the guy who wanted to name an album “I Hate Myself and I Want to Die” as a joke. Plus this guy has quite a way with one-liners, I enjoyed “this makes me feel like death even if I weren’t already there” (forgiving the grammar) and “that gun is so gorgeous I think I just wet my ashes.” OK, maybe it’s specialised humour but still…

The humour on Facebook is mainly in the titles, here’s a selection of my favourites:

“1994: worst year. Kurt Cobain dies, Justin Bieber is born.” Yup, makes me feel old too. On a similar tip “Give us back Kurt Cobain, we’ll Swap you Justin Bieber.”

“Kurt Cobain Lied, he DID have a gun” got a chuckle out of me.

“Let’s Kill Zac Effron Before he Gets to Play Kurt Cobain” — funny and a worthy cause.

“I Hate it When I’m Pretending to be Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love Kills Me” — ah, a postmodern twist on conspiracy heaven, I like it, I like it…

On I admit my favourite was the profile dedicated to “Two Princes” then citing Kurt Cobain annnnnd…Oh hell…Michael Jackson. Now there’s a combination I never imagined even in my wildest cheese induced nightmares.

Elsewhere on the web I found the following:

And the ever reliable Uncyclopedia manages to cheerily jumble the Kurt Cobain tale neatly:

The ultimate winner though when it comes to make me laugh from beginning to end has to be this site, however:

It’s beautiful, I laughed from the paragraph about Kurt Cobain’s overt ‘worship of Satan’, right the way through the weaving together of a demonic black magic conspiracy and on into the bit where it claims Kurt’s lyrics arose as a consequence of devil’s pouring words through him to “negatively affect society.” The fact it quotes so heavily from the execrable work of Christopher Sandford likewise reminds me why that book is one I was delighted to review on Amazon back last summer having been so appalled by it (

Amendment made on Feb 6, 2013 – courtesy of James, take a look at this gem!

I’ll end with a picture that deserves respect for putting me in so many frames of mind all at once. It’s simultaneously poignant, wistful, archly humorous and flippant…I like it. Oh, let me also say sweet and macabre too.

Cobain Humour


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