Birthday Wishes in the Best Possible Taste: Mellow Friday

Snow in London_Chelsea Dogs

Take a look at photo 2 – for the Brits among you, can you see any subtle hints that I was in Chelsea? For the non-Brits, I’m sure every city has a bit like this, where the rich n’ mad come out to play… Photo 1 meanwhile, well, London has all of a centimetre of snow so naturally it’ll grind to a halt.

Anyways I added the Nirvana Related New Music category to the blog sorting options today. There are three people who inspired me to do this. The first, whom we’ll discuss today, is Brett R. of band Egg Eggs; the second is Adam Casto of Nerd Table; the third is Adam H. over in LA who has shared some music with me that I’m itching to drop on here and that I WILL be buying soon as he lets me (genuinely, I promise you this guy is worth waiting for – there’s a real treat coming.)

I’m still working slowly on a post on the topic of Nirvana’s Legacy but it seems redundant as I’ve come to realise so many of the fans who have bought the book from me are active musicians in their own right; that’s the legacy right there, individuals with the guts n’ bravery to stand up, create something, express something. If there’s a legacy then looking at the grunge-dyed lame hard rock acts of the late nineties isn’t the place to go – it’s the people ploughing their own roads regardless of commerciality. I always come back to the fact that Kurt Cobain’s most unique act was to stand on top of the music industry, look at all it was offering him if he would just compromise, sell, give them friendly product…And he refused.

So! Brett…Brett kindly took the time to place his review of Dark Slivers: Seeing Nirvana in the Shards of Incesticide on this week – was delighted to see it, thought it was balanced, articulate and fair, kind even. Meanwhile, we’re here to celebrate his birthday for which Feeding Tube Records (who have done the world a considerable service issuing lost live recordings of no wave band MARS) have honoured the man with the Moose/Big People Band/Diagram A & Belltone Suicide split LP entitled ‘Fuck Brett’. Its so touching it brings tears to the eyes doesn’t it…?

Here’s a sample, the album will be out imminently:

The liner notes are extensive and tell the tale of the full birthday party (June 23, 2012), this is just another snippet of a far longer and more articulate tale with extensive photography also:


Anyways, happy birthday Brett, thanks for the Nirvana wisdom that you’ve brought to my efforts to tweak the next print run of the book and congratulations on the release.


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