Progress: Blog n’ Book Developments


Received an email from the providers of the website summarising the first 63 days from the time I posted the first piece on Tuesday October 30 to December 31, 2012. How’s it going? 80 posts, 82 pictures in that time – 6,500 views, 700 separate individuals from 70 countries checked in and had a look…In such a short space of time, just two busy months, I’m delighted and, not wishing to be repetitious, honoured that so many people might take time out of their schedule (at a busy time of year) to check my ramblings. The website now contains 95 posts and counting…

And the book…? How’s the book going? Well! The first 100 copies of the paperback arrived on Fri Dec 14, it’s now Sun Jan 13, 2013 and I’m down to twelve copies left – not including a few paid for which I need to deliver next week. I underestimated the associated costs – but what the hell! The money is all going toward a second print run while conversations with Amazon/Waterstones, etc. kick off. What interests me – and I’ll admit this is a 100% egotistical desire – is getting something I’m proud of into the hands of people who might find it entertaining and interesting.

There’s no money in writing, not given the time it takes and the work required, and I’ve already got a job that I like very much. Money was never a reason to do something this crazy – I mean, to dedicate a year (now) to rambling on about a band that’s been dead 20 years? What’s crucial is it’s great doing something I love. I’m also getting intriguing feedback too – the level of Nirvana knowledge out there is immense and there’s new things I’m learning that I didn’t know when I wrote the book. It’s kinda nice that there’s that dialogue going on, that I’m expanding my awareness too. I’ll add updates to the site and will endeavour to always give credit to the individuals who have supplied new information.

To order one of the last copies of the first edition, pretty easy, drop me an email at or at If you give me an address straight away then I can return to you with an exact postal cost and, therefore, an overall cost. Also, I’m signing, inscribing and numbering each of the first 100 so do tell me if you want it signing to you or someone else. The book is £10 (GBP) plus postage and packaging. Alternatively, for you 21st Century kinda kids, the book is available as an ebook for Kindle via…Etc. The book is 72,000 words, 15 chapters (plus Foreword, Bibliography, Acknowledgements), 24 tables, 8 figures, 0.341kg and I think it’s real pretty. Hope you do too.


2 thoughts on “Progress: Blog n’ Book Developments”

  1. I love nirvana (kurt cobain) …..when I read all this stuff about the legal side of music. I can understand a little better what kurt was going through. He was never the type to care about the business side of life. He was all about music and unfortunately I can see why kurts mind got darker because as we all know the music business wasn’t the only part of this man’s pain.

    1. You’re so right! When I started to plough into just giving a summary of it there was a point where I thought “heck this is gruelling and a bit dull…” If it was the day-to-day for months on end…Ugh.

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