Merry Christmas: The Blog Summary 2012

Quick (bad) Nirvana pun – it’s 9am… “I’m on a train, mmmm-mmmm, I can’t complain, mmmm-mmmmm” and all apologies that I could resist this line. Anyways, well, the blog made its first entry on October 30, and in the 53 days since then there have been a grand total of 81 posts including this one.

My basic rules have been clear throughout; firstly, I’m not arrogant enough to believe my life is of interest to anyone other than me — here I spout Nirvana thoughts, no life stories, no “look at me” reminiscences. A friend had to point out to me that I hadn’t mentioned my own name anywhere on the blog during the first week and a half — not even in the About section.

Secondly, there are enough biographical or opinion based pieces out there. Yes, these are still my opinions, but what I’m trying to do is gather evidence and data to make the argument and place them before people so they can make their own minds. It’s the data that makes the difference. For similar reasons I think there are plenty of sources for photos of the band, I won’t be doing anything on that score.

Thirdly, I get things wrong, I’m argumentative, I enjoy proposing ideas and seeing where they lead. Correct me! I’m very sure that I’ve completely misinterpreted Been a Son, I’ve become too caught in my own theory. I welcome anyone who has taken the time to engage with me and inform me. The LiveNirvana community (alongside the ever invaluable Nirvana Fan Club and Nirvana Live Guide) has been invaluable.

Finally, I just hope you enjoy reading it. That, in summary, is the only reason to do this. Perhaps if you like the blog enough you’ll consider taking a look at my book, Dark Slivers: Seeing Nirvana in the Shards of Incesticide — if not, what the hey! I still hope you enjoy what’s here.

Running the stats…Those eighty-one posts include:


Favourites? For sure! My favourites, the ones I’m proudest of, would be the following:


Anyways, enjoy. I’ll be back on here after Christmas (before New Year), I’ll pop on when I can in the meantime as I definitely owe more pieces of the latest spreadsheet I’ve been toying with. To those of you reading the book (I know the copies to Europe and UK have been arriving, can’t imagine the U.S./Canada copies will be there until late next week at the earliest) just so you know my favourite chapters are; The Rich Man’s Eight Track Tape about the structure of Incesticide, Family Man regarding unifying themes in Kurt Cobain’s lyrics, Coda for the analytical bits, Post-Mersh for having been so much fun to write and for feeling inspired to write something that’s definitely argumentative, oh, and Big Black Songs About… because I feel it’s an original way of looking at Kurt Cobain’s approach to writing lyrics.

But in the meantime, if you’re reading the blog, thank you!! I’m honoured you consider this worth reading, worth a few minutes diversion. Have a great Christmas and my absolute best wishes to you wherever you are in the world.


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