Dark Slivers: First Copy Arrived Today

Composite 2

The very first copy of Dark Slivers: Seeing Nirvana in the Shards of Incesticide arrived – all 260 pages, 15 chapters and 72,000 words of it. Nick is a very happy boy indeed.

I’ve taken a few quick photos on my phone, the main batch of the first print run will arrive next week ready for despatch at the end of the week. I’ll post later today about some of the logistics involved in reaching this but for now…A story.

This is copy 1/100 or one of one hundred. It’s the very first copy of my very first (and likely only) book. It represents an entire year of work, night after night spent up ’til all hours tapping away, revising, revisiting, discarding, solidifying. It’s the first physical result of the hard work of Maureen, my designer, and Ben, my publisher. A bunch of people asked me if they could have number one of one hundred and I refused them – I was keeping it for myself…

…Until I received an email from a young (teenage?) girl in Italy. She has been wanting to find something for her sister’s boyfriend. What she wrote was “I know a special person, my sister’s boyfriend, who has been like a big brother to me. Christmas is coming and though I don’t you, I’d like to get a copy for him.” Frankly, I just found that really cool. I think there’s a choice in life, some people say life is sh** or life is horrible but I think that’s because they expect nice things to just happen when actually life is fantastic if time and energy is spent hunting those nice things down, making them happen and doing things that will make people smile.

So I’m delighted to hand copy 1 of 100 to her. Frankly I feel good knowing it goes to a cause that is worth more than my ego and a place on my book shelf. Everyone who has pre-ordered, I’ll be giving you the postal cost tomorrow then, if you approve, requesting payment next week. Your copies will be in the post end of next week.

…But guys, I’m having copies 2, 3 and 4! 🙂

Loving that cover more and more…

Composite 1


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